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By: Sergio Martinez –
MTL Times

Mamselle Ruiz Montreal show – Montreal enjoys a diverse musical scene, thanks in part to the influx of artists from all over the world.  We have had, for some time now, the pleasant experience of tasting some of the rhythms from the Caribbean, melodies from the Middle East, and, of course, the contribution made by Latino artists who have settled in the city. One of these artists of Latin American origin is Mamselle Ruiz who performed at the last edition of the Jazz Festival and who is now launching her third album.

Montreal Times: Since when have you been living in this country?

Mamselle Ruiz: I actually came here in 2009. I was born in Mexico City. I lived there until the age of 24. Then I went to the Mexican Caribbean to the city of Tulum. A short time later, I met the man who became my husband and my manager. After travelling with him for a couple of years, we decided to settle here in Montreal.

MT: Tell us something about your new album.

MR: The album is called “Soleil de lune”, and it has two parts. Disc one is subtitled “Entre mer et feu” (“Between Sea and Fire”) and it evokes the bright, effervescent and living part of the human being. The refreshing activity, the dance of the joy of living. Disc two is titled “Soleil de Lune- Eclipse.”  This album visits the depth of being, it takes an introspective look at the more sheltered part of one’s existence.  That part that we do not want to see or accept that exists.

MT: What makes you take this approach?

MR: I decided to release these two albums to evoke the unity of being. They are expressions of my own person, which allow me to accept myself in my completeness.

MT: When are these albums being released?

MR: Disc one, “Entre mer et feu” will be released this November 22. Disk two, “Eclipse” will be released next year.

MT: And what about the songs?

MR: I have included some of my own songs. Through them I pay tribute to Sister Juana Inés de la Cruz “La Rosa de Juana”. She was a great poet and Mexican scholar of the 17th century. There is also a tribute to another great poet: prince Nezahualcoyotl with the piece, “Nonantzin.”  The disc also includes some jewels of the Latin American repertoire such as “Lágrimas negras” (“Black Tears”) by Miguel Matamoros, and “Quizás, quizás, quizás” (“Maybe, Maybe, Maybe”) by Osvaldo Farres. I have also added some samples of Francophone music such as “La bohème” by Charles Aznavour and “Le petit bonheur”, among other pieces.

MT: What about the launching show?

MR: It will be a music show that will receive social dance numbers, contemporary dance and some circus numbers. It is the first time that we venture to create this dream of bringing our arts together in one work. We will have some surprise guests too.

Mamselle Ruiz Montreal show info

Mamselle’s presentation of her album will take place on Friday, November 22, at 8 p.m. at Theatre Outremont (1248 Bernard Ave. West).

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